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Want pointers on practice management? Look no further than these practice management pointers. Tips for attorneys on practice management. Law practice management pointers.

Why You Want To Have Cyber Liability Insurance

An attorney’s decision to use a computer tablet, a cloud based service such as Dropbox, a smart phone, a Wi-Fi network, or even basic email in the furtherance of delivering legal services is not in and of itself unethical nor a poor business decision. The real concern is with what the attorneys who use such [...]

Cyber Crime: Why Your Ignorance is Their Power

Few law firms seem to fully appreciate the level of risk that attorneys and staff truly represent. Of course, the ultimate goal is to avoid having to deal with a cyber breach at all because, as stated above, actions that seek to prevent a breach are going to be easier and less stressful than any [...]

Managing File Handoffs

Believe it or not, file handoffs can lead to trouble if not properly managed. It doesn’t matter if the handoff is from a partner to an associate, from one firm to another post referral or purchase of a practice, or if it is sent to a new firm or attorney after the current attorney’s practice [...]

Prospective Clients and the Conflicts They Bring

Consider the following. A lawyer was approached by a family who owned and operated a daycare center. They needed a lawyer because their son was facing criminal charges alleging he inappropriately touched several of the children at the center. Although this lawyer ultimately declined the matter, during the initial consultation he did learn what their [...]

A Primer on Prior Acts Coverage for Lawyers

Let’s start at the beginning. Prior to the 1970’s, legal malpractice policies were occurrence‐based. In short, that meant that if a legal malpractice policy was in force during the time the alleged malpractice occurred, then the attorney had coverage for that occurrence. This created a significant problem for the insurance industry due to the difficulty [...]

The Decision to Hire Contract Attorneys Should Never Be Just About the Money

Firms hire contract attorneys for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is an attempt to control expenses. While reducing expenses is a good thing, the financial savings shouldn’t be the only issue in play as unintended consequences could follow if no thought is ever given to a few other concerns. The issues [...]

The Basics of File Retention & Destruction

The question most frequently asked of ALPS risk managers over the years has been, “What do I need to do with all these old files?” This article shares a little advice to help those with similar questions or concerns regarding the destruction of client files. The first step in file destruction is in determining which [...]

Malpractice Insurance Applications Tips

Underwriters tell me that many lawyers simply do not appreciate the importance of a malpractice insurance application. They share that answers to questions on some applications appear to have been hurriedly written and thus provide little to no useful information. At other times they come across applications that are sloppy and incomplete. This makes me [...]