A malpractice claim is not a good thing. Even knowing this, lawyers too readily allow themselves to say this or that time saving shortcut is warranted. If, however, you fail to periodically remind yourself of the importance of follow-through, such shortcuts will eventually become engrained bad habits. Author of this free guide, Mark Bassingthwaighte, Esq., ALPS Risk Manager, says there is value in bringing focus on a few particular items to help you stay out of trouble. Download “Shortcuts to Avoid-Ten Practice Tips” now.


1. Fail to document scope.

2. Fail to keep the client informed.

3. Fail to do today what can be put off until tomorrow.

4. Fail to do your homework.

5. Fail to confirm that a file is now closed.

6. Fail to maintain some minimal level of attorney oversight of client property.

7. Fail to supervise staff.

8. Fail to plan for the unexpected.

9. Fail to properly manage billing and collections.

10. Fail to successfully manage the client relationship.

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