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ALPS In Brief Podcast – Episode 19: A Conversation with Brian Cuban, Author of ‘The Addicted Lawyer’

 Addiction, substance abuse and the resulting professional and personal fallout can destroy careers and lives. As another wonderful addition to our Wellness Podcast Episodes, Mark had the opportunity to connect with Brian Cuban, Dallas-based attorney, [...]

Utah State Bar Endorses ALPS as the Legal Malpractice Insurance Carrier of Choice for Members.

Effective July, 1, the Utah State Bar announced its exclusive endorsement of ALPS to meet the malpractice insurance needs of its members.  The Bar was impressed by ALPS’ proven track record, financial stability, excellent policy [...]

Why You Want to Avoid a Malpractice Insurance Coverage Gap

Legal malpractice insurance policies are claims-made and reported policies. This means coverage is afforded if a malpractice claim is made and reported during the policy period contingent upon the wrongful act giving rise to the [...]

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More Bang for your Buck! Supplementary Payments Under ALPS Premier LPL Policy

ALPS PREMIER Lawyers Professional Liability Policy provides four supplemental payments for an insured for specific situations.  Many insureds do not realize these benefits exist.  Do you know what benefits your policy provides? ALPS Premier Policy [...]

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