October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.  To get you on the right track, we’ve pulled together our favorite cyber-related podcasts from the past year.

First, a conversation with Libby Benet, U.S. Lead for Beazley Product Solutions (this was also our very first podcast episode, btw). Libby talks with Mark about the latest trends in cybercrime, including the rise of industrialized ransomware, and how prevention paired with protection can help law firms best avoid and manage a cyber breach. At the forefront of cyber security for businesses, Beazley has handled 8 of the largest breaches to date.

Next, ALPS Director of Client Services, Matt Lubaroff, sits down with Mark to discuss how ALPS has improved ALPS Cyber Response, our first-to-market cyber policy available exclusively to our legal malpractice insurance policyholders and designed to stay ahead of emerging cyber threats.

If all of this talk of hacking and cyber breaches has you a little nervous, download ALPS’ latest resource, The ALPS Getting Started Cyber Guide.  Taking these steps can put your law firm on the right path to staying cyber-secure.

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