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Expectations for Conclusion

At the end of a case emotions and expectations are both running high. Guest Blogger Karen Thalacker addresses the importance of preparing your client for what happens as the case winds down and a settlement is reached. Transcript:  As attorneys, we do our best to manage our clients’ expectations during a case.  But we may [...]

ALPS In Brief Podcast – Episode 14: Am I Solving the Right Problem?

 Staying relevant. Embracing technology to increase efficiency. Investing the time it takes to improve. Attorney and cultural ambassador at his firm in Tacoma, Washington, Jordan Couch connects with with Mark and offers his perspective on what a law firm can become simply by looking at everything a bit differently. ALPS In Brief, The ALPS [...]

Letting Go: When Clients Don’t Work Out

It's hard, but sometimes it's okay when a client says goodbye. Guest Blogger Karen Thalacker discusses when the relationship doesn't work out and how you can handle it with grace. Transcript:  Some attorneys call it “parting ways.”  Some attorneys call it “irreconcilable differences.”  But most attorneys just call it “getting fired.”  The first time it [...]

How to be At Your Best When it Really Counts

Think back over the past week... did you have a particularly tough day? Were you surprised by an opportunity that you just weren’t ready for? Every day you influence others as they watch you respond to surprise and challenge. Whether your response is a good one or not, they’re watching how you react. Don’t hope [...]

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ALPS In Brief Podcast – Episode 7: We Can All Use A Champion

ALPS, a professional liability insurance provider, interviewed me about why it is so important for lawyers to find and to be champions. The discussion ranges from the need for more sponsorship of women in law firms to examining how solo attorneys can benefit from mentorship. Listen to the podcast and comment here on the blog, on our [...]

Fridays = Freedom to Recharge

Use your Fridays wisely to plan ahead and enjoy your time away from the office without stressing about things left undone over the weekend. Transcript KAREN: How many lawyers do you know who leave the office on Friday afternoon and spend the whole weekend worrying about work? You need some time to relax and recharge [...]

It’s 2018: Three Resolutions for your Consideration

The start of a new year is the perfect time to make some resolutions for your law practice. Karen poses three resolutions you might consider heading into 2018. Transcript: 2018 is here and everyone is making New Year’s Resolutions for their personal life.  Let’s make some New Year’s Resolutions for your law practice too.  Here [...]

ALPS In Brief Podcast-Episode 4: Opening a Law Firm? Think About Protecting Your Future.

 Mark talks with seasoned ALPS Business Development Representative, Julie Patterson, about new lawyers hanging their own shingle and the associated challenges. This includes looking at legal malpractice insurance as an investment in protecting all of the work you do from the day you open your doors. Julie and Mark discuss the dangers in going [...]

Be Nice: Lawyer to Lawyer Communication

We all know that clients can be difficult at times.  But do lawyers have to be difficult too?  Here are a few reminders about what not to do when communicating with another lawyer. Transcript: Being a lawyer is a tough job.  Your client can be difficult.  The other side’s client can be difficult. The one [...]