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The Beat Goes On

As an advocate of mindfulness and meditation programs in law firms, I have a somewhat different take on the lawyer well-being issue that has been championed by the American Bar Association (ABA), but we both agree that lawyer well-being is a timely and important concern. For the longest time (since at least 1980, when I [...]

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Creating More Productive Days

Here’s the scenario…as you read the next few lines, ask yourself, “What would I do?” It’s 4:35 pm, on a Thursday afternoon. It’s not raining or snowing outside, but there’s still a winter chill in the air. Your email inbox notification just blinked, there’s a file on your desk you haven’t looked at all day, [...]

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Since the Aging Process Never Stops, the Day Will Come When…

In the middle of a conversation with one of our insureds on the topic of the difficulty of learning to say no, the fine gentleman I was conversing with did a jump shift on me. For whatever reason, he felt it was important to acknowledge that he was cognizant of his age and he wanted [...]

ALPS In Brief Podcast – Episode 28: Making Healthy Goals into Realities

When our behaviors become destructive and start to negatively impact our health or relationships, we’re motivated to make a change, but change is hard! ALPS Risk Manager Mark Bassingthwaighte and Dr. Kathleen Baskett weigh the strategies and skills needed to make healthy changes against the risk factors that may sabotage your success. Transcript MARK: Hello, [...]

Meditation as a Tool for Inclusion

Inclusion is all about shared experience, and it's really important — especially in our law firms, our law schools, and our judiciary, where shared experience isn't given the thought or attention that it requires. Diversity and inclusion have been a focus of the American Bar Association as well as many professional organizations and leading thinkers in [...]

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ALPS In Brief Podcast – Episode 27: Adding Wellness to Your Workplace Every Day

Start the new year off on the right foot, or the left foot. Incorporating wellness into your everyday workplace routine can be as easy as putting on your socks! ALPS Risk Manager Mark Bassingthwaighte chats with VIM & VIGR founder Michelle Huie who creates stylish compression socks by pairing personal expression with wellness — a [...]

Mindfulness And Meditation: Not A Call To Perfection, But A Call To Action

Before my recent retirement at the ripe old age of 65, I was a lawyer—a commercial litigator—practicing for almost 40 years. And I'm grateful, on a number of levels, for a number of things. One of the things I learned, however, is that the life of a lawyer is not perfect. Lately, I've come around [...]

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When It Comes to Civility, JFK Got It Right!

An invitation to speak on the topic of lawyer civility came my way recently and two things about the request caught me a bit off guard. One was that the initial time slot was three hours and the other was a desire for the focus to be on sharing practical tips on how lawyers could [...]

How to Host a Safe and Responsible Holiday Party

The holiday season is once again upon us and businesses across the land are gearing up for their annual office holiday parties.  These gatherings provide an opportunity for co-workers to relax and celebrate, and for management to express gratitude to employees for a job well done.  They can also give rise to complaints, liability, and [...]

Gender and Other Biases in the Legal Profession

The following is a guest post by Missoula, MT attorney Janel F. Chin.  As an attorney in my late thirties, I can assuredly say that I have personally experienced all of the four main patterns in gender bias identified in the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession’s report: Bias Interrupters Project – You Can’t Change [...]