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Why Prioritize Wellness?

It should come as no surprise that wellness has become a front and center topic in recent years, particularly in the legal profession; but I have a wellness confession to make. In spite of being a risk manager for over 20 years and knowing how devastating various attorney impairments can be, I have been slow [...]

ALPS In Brief – Episode 37: Don’t Mind Your Own Business

How can we make real changes within the practice of law to lessen the impact of stress on individuals in this profession? In this episode of the ALPS In Brief Podcast, Chris Newbold checks in with Dallas attorney and advocate for wellbeing, Brian Cuban, to discuss the state of lawyer wellbeing now, the lifesaving impact one lawyer [...]

How to Find Balance – Insights from a Solo Practitioner

The following is a guest post from solo practitioner Suzan Herskowitz. It's everywhere. You must have work/life balance. There are umpteen articles and podcasts on how to achieve it. That balance. Almost all of them seem to focus on fitness and nutrition. Because as a lawyer with a 10-hour workday ahead, I really want to [...]

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ALPS In Brief – Episode 36: What Lawyers Can Learn from Living on Mars

Featured in the hit Gimlet Media podcast, ‘The Habitat,’ Dr. Tristan Bassingthwaighte, architectural designer, space researcher, and resident of NASA’s yearlong Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) mission, sits down with his father, ALPS Risk Manager Mark Bassingthwaighte, to discuss the stress factors associated with isolated, confined, and extreme environments and how to create [...]

A Simple Way to Help Address Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession: Take the Women Lawyers On Guard Survey and Pass It On.

The following is a guest post from Cory M. Amron, president of Women Lawyers On Guard Inc. Women Lawyers On Guard Inc., (WLG) is a non-profit national network of women and men who advocate and work for equality and justice by matching its volunteers with the legal needs of other non-profits, signing onto amicus briefs, [...]

ALPS In Brief – Episode 34: An ABA President’s Hope for the Future

What is the American Bar Association (ABA) doing to ensure there is a national voice for, not just the legal profession, but for vulnerable people and communities that we serve, to make sure that the Constitution is protected? As his term comes to an end, current ABA President Bob Carlson sits down with ALPS Executive [...]

How Failing to Plan for One’s Retirement Can Become A De Facto Plan to Fail

In light of my 60th birthday celebration soon becoming a memory, my wife and I have been spending a fair amount of time of late reviewing our investments, finalizing our estate plan, and discussing various options should our life together ever take some unanticipated turns. We’re doing this because we recognize that a job loss, [...]

Comments on Appearance

“You look great today!” “Love your outfit!” “Have you lost weight?” We’ve all heard comments like this in the office and in the courtroom. Even if you’re well-intentioned, giving compliments like this may not be okay.  Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t comment on someone’s appearance in a professional setting. The person may view [...]

Task Batching: How to Manage Hundreds of Emails Every Day

I could hear it in his voice — the frustration over trying to figure out how to deal with a never-ending flow of email was palpable. Unfortunately, before I could share a few thoughts, the elevator door opened and I had to walk away. If only I could have had a little more time. That’s [...]