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ALPS In Brief – Episode 34: An ABA President’s Hope for the Future

What is the American Bar Association (ABA) doing to ensure there is a national voice for, not just the legal profession, but for vulnerable people and communities that we serve, to make sure that the Constitution is protected? As his term comes to an end, current ABA President Bob Carlson sits down with ALPS Executive [...]

How Failing to Plan for One’s Retirement Can Become A De Facto Plan to Fail

In light of my 60th birthday celebration soon becoming a memory, my wife and I have been spending a fair amount of time of late reviewing our investments, finalizing our estate plan, and discussing various options should our life together ever take some unanticipated turns. We’re doing this because we recognize that a job loss, [...]

Comments on Appearance

“You look great today!” “Love your outfit!” “Have you lost weight?” We’ve all heard comments like this in the office and in the courtroom. Even if you’re well-intentioned, giving compliments like this may not be okay.  Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t comment on someone’s appearance in a professional setting. The person may view [...]

Task Batching: How to Manage Hundreds of Emails Every Day

I could hear it in his voice — the frustration over trying to figure out how to deal with a never-ending flow of email was palpable. Unfortunately, before I could share a few thoughts, the elevator door opened and I had to walk away. If only I could have had a little more time. That’s [...]

Visitors Of The Mind

Thoughts. Feelings. Emotions. They're often compelling, and they're with us all day, every day. But they are actually only visitors. Granted, sometimes very powerful visitors, but they are visitors, nonetheless. I like to think of them the way I think of rainbows — seemingly very real, but if I change my perspective, they often disappear. [...]

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It's an acronym created by Michelle McDonald and popularized by Rick Hansen, Ph.D. in a 2014 article published by Psychology Today magazine. According to Hansen, "R.A.I.N. and related practices of spacious awareness are fundamental to mental health, and always worth doing in their own right. Additionally, sometimes they enable painful or challenging contents of mind to dissipate [...]

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You, Only Better: How Leaders Think about Self-Care

I work with leaders at companies as varied as finance, law, healthcare, education, and more. As their "Executive Coach," they ask me surface-level questions such as, "how can I get things done more efficiently?" or "how can I organize my email and calendar to be more effective?" Professionally, I acknowledge them for asking what seem [...]

The Cost of Stress is Higher Than You Think

Ready to make your health a priority in your law practice and daily worklife balance? Lauren Baptiste partnered with ALPS for a 1-hour wellness webinar! Take the On-Demand course: "Why Making a Personal Wellness Pledge is Good for You and for Business"  “Stress” and “burnout” are two terms commonly tossed around the office, but many [...]

The Importance of Recognizing Personal Boundaries in the Practice of Law

Boundaries are important. In sports, they define the area of play. In real estate, they designate what one owns. And in personal relationships, they mark the emotional and physical limits everyone establishes in order to protect themselves from being manipulated, used, or violated by someone else. In short, personal boundaries mark the place where one [...]