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Three Coaches Who Will Make the Difference

As you consider the journey you're on (that is: where you've been, where you are and where you're going), you deserve to ask yourself a self-reflective question: Where were you and what were you doing five years ago that is different from today? All too often, successful people spend much time looking the current problems [...]

Can Lawyers Add Surcharges to Their Bills?

Two quick stories. Years ago, I had a plumbing emergency. The short version is I discovered a broken water line in my kitchen on a Thanksgiving eve. That line needed to be repaired immediately or Thanksgiving was going to be a bust. Trust me, that service call cost me.  My second story is about packages. [...]

Expectations for Conclusion

At the end of a case emotions and expectations are both running high. Guest Blogger Karen Thalacker addresses the importance of preparing your client for what happens as the case winds down and a settlement is reached. Transcript:  As attorneys, we do our best to manage our clients’ expectations during a case.  But we may [...]

The Top 5 Wire Fraud Prevention Tips

1) Fraudsters use spoofed email so learn to spot it. Although there are a number of ways to spoof email, it can be as simple as this. The email address of is changed to or is changed to 2) Security basics are a must. Avoid the use of free web-based email. Always delete [...]

ALPS In Brief Podcast – Episode 14: Am I Solving the Right Problem?

 Staying relevant. Embracing technology to increase efficiency. Investing the time it takes to improve. Attorney and cultural ambassador at his firm in Tacoma, Washington, Jordan Couch connects with with Mark and offers his perspective on what a law firm can become simply by looking at everything a bit differently. ALPS In Brief, The ALPS [...]

When Following Your Heart Gets You In Over Your Head

With the daily grind of the practice of law we seldom take time to think about why we got into this business in the first place. With the exception of those who think it's the most socially acceptable venue for belligerents, I suspect the answer is to help people and make a good living. Those [...]

Mission Complete! Five Ways to Know When You’re Done With What You’re Doing.

"Almost done..." How many times have you said this in the past week? Is there an email you need to add a line or two to? Do you have a few slides that need updating in that presentation you're giving? How about at home...a room or desk that is "almost" finished? In this article, I'm [...]

Prospective Clients and the Conflicts They Bring

Consider the following. A lawyer was approached by a family who owned and operated a daycare center. They needed a lawyer because their son was facing criminal charges alleging he inappropriately touched several of the children at the center. Although this lawyer ultimately declined the matter, during the initial consultation he did learn what their [...]

Crowdfunding – Is the Solicitation of Donations for Payment of Fees Ever a Good Idea?

Back in 2015, I was one of over 23,000 people who made a donation to a Kickstarter campaign for the Planetary Society’s LightSail project. The original goal was to raise $200,000 to be used for the continued development of a solar sail that would eventually be launched into space. That campaign ended up bringing in [...]

Bearer of Bad News

Sure, we wish that every day would result in good news delivered to a happy client. And we also know that just isn't realistic. Delivering that good news is rewarding for both you and your client. Reporting bad news can be devastating for your client and absolutely deflating to you as the attorney. However, there [...]

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