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Claims Corner: Do I Need To Report This Situation To My Carrier And What Happens To My Premium If I Do?

Do I really need to report this situation to my carrier and what is going to happen to my premium if I do report it? Often, these are two of the very first questions asked by Insureds when they are faced with a situation. As is so often the case in a legal setting, the answer [...]

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Claims-Made Reporting Requirement

Professional liability insurance policy is provided on a claims-made basis, and not the more common occurrence basis. One significant difference between claims-made and occurrence policies is the timing required when making the claim. Claims-made insurance requires that a policy be in effect at the time the claim is made regardless of when the act, error [...]

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Claims Corner – Even “Good lawyers” Have Claims

Many times policyholders, defense counsel or lawyers we meet tell us, “You should insure (fill in the name of a colleague). They are a great lawyer and would be a great risk.” That kind of endorsement is meaningful and the reputation is often well deserved. In fact we usually try to proceed with the referral [...]

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