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Engagement Letters Matter

Could there be a better time than spring to think about engagement letters?! The birds are singing, the flowers are out, the sun is shining, and it’s the perfect time to clean up those client files and make sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row. Engagement letters can be summarized in one simple [...]

Help Us Help You!! Keep A Complete Copy of Every File

“I did not keep a copy of my file.” …   Those are some of the most tragic and disappointing words I can hear from an Insured as we are discussing the malpractice claim they recently reported.  Those nine little words can drastically change the outcome of a claim.  Defending a malpractice claim filed against an Insured [...]

A New Year’s Resolution Worth Keeping – No Suits Against Clients for Fees

You have heard it many times before but it is worth repeating because we are still receiving claims from attorneys who first sued their clients for fees and a malpractice counterclaim was asserted.  I have been handling claims for attorneys for about 18 years now and I can honestly tell you that once the matter [...]

ALPS In Brief Podcast-Episode 3: Stay Away from the Gray Area. Reporting Claims.

There are a number of common questions that policyholders ask in regards to reporting claims. In this episode, ALPS Claims Attorney John Ries talks with Mark about some of questions he often hears. John also sheds light on why it’s important for attorneys to call their legal malpractice insurance provider even if they suspect that [...]

Claims Corner: When An Attorney Leaves During A Pending Malpractice Claim

A few issues arise when a malpractice claim is filed against an attorney working for the insured firm when that attorney leaves the firm while the claim is pending. In addition, the question frequently arises as to how the claim will affect the firm’s future risk rating. This article is intended to provide a partial [...]

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Claims Corner: Do I Need To Report This Situation To My Carrier And What Happens To My Premium If I Do?

Do I really need to report this situation to my carrier and what is going to happen to my premium if I do report it? Often, these are two of the very first questions asked by Insureds when they are faced with a situation. As is so often the case in a legal setting, the answer [...]

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Claims-Made Reporting Requirement

Professional liability insurance policy is provided on a claims-made basis, and not the more common occurrence basis. One significant difference between claims-made and occurrence policies is the timing required when making the claim. Claims-made insurance requires that a policy be in effect at the time the claim is made regardless of when the act, error [...]

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Claims Corner – Even “Good lawyers” Have Claims

Many times policyholders, defense counsel or lawyers we meet tell us, “You should insure (fill in the name of a colleague). They are a great lawyer and would be a great risk.” That kind of endorsement is meaningful and the reputation is often well deserved. In fact we usually try to proceed with the referral [...]

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