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Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA is an executive coach and author of two best-selling books. He works with successful business owners and managers at mid-career to improve their mindset, skill set, and toolkit to be more productive, collaborate effectively and achieve their goals at work and in life. Follow him on Twitter @JasonWomack

What Gives You the Right to Judge Yourself?

Do you ever think things should be different than they are? It's possible that as you look around at the people you work, live, and love with that you think "I could/should be doing more." And, you're right — the way your brain works, you can think of proof that you're not doing enough, you [...]

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You, Only Better: How Leaders Think about Self-Care

I work with leaders at companies as varied as finance, law, healthcare, education, and more. As their "Executive Coach," they ask me surface-level questions such as, "how can I get things done more efficiently?" or "how can I organize my email and calendar to be more effective?" Professionally, I acknowledge them for asking what seem [...]

A Dose of (Self) Coaching

If you want to achieve a goal, finding someone who will coach you will help make that goal a reality. But, if you’re not ready yet to commit to someone else you can still get started. Practice self-coaching and you’ll get an idea of what it’s like! There are two ways to change the momentum [...]

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Creating More Productive Days

Here’s the scenario…as you read the next few lines, ask yourself, “What would I do?” It’s 4:35 pm, on a Thursday afternoon. It’s not raining or snowing outside, but there’s still a winter chill in the air. Your email inbox notification just blinked, there’s a file on your desk you haven’t looked at all day, [...]

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Finding Time to Be a Lifelong Learner

"I just need extra time to implement that email organizing process you taught me." "When I have the time, I'll use that delegation process you shared with us." "Next week, when things are a little less busy, I'll get to process and study those materials you sent." I could keep going...on and on. But, I [...]

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Share Your Dreams With These 3 People

Can you imagine your work and your life a year from now? What can you anticipate coming your way? What could impact the way you do your job? And, what will your family look like in regards to the changes you know are coming? Recently, I spoke for a group of Majors and Lt Colonels [...]

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They Don’t Trust You (Yet)

People like to work with people they trust. They get more done. Faster. More efficiently. For a higher good. If you're a leader, you might have an imposed expectation on yourself demanding you always be on, and you always have all the (right) answers. If you're a parent, a spouse, or a friend, you might [...]

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Only You Can Prevent Lost Time

60 minutes in an hour. 24 hours in a day. Seven days in a week. Where does time go? Good news… you’re not the first person to struggle with this question! A long, LONG time ago, Marcus Aurelius wrote, "Stop jumping off the track. You don't have time to reread your diaries, or the lives [...]

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How to Build a Great Team

The way to build a great team - or to contribute to one if you're junior - is to track progress regularly and find ways to improve how you work together. Everyone plays a role in working effectively and efficiently together. Naturally, you’ll notice the wins and losses. You’ve got to know when you’re on [...]

Why You Should Make These Two Lists

"But I thought you meant..." Have you heard someone say that lately? Or, have you said it to someone you work or live with? Talking about your goals - out loud, and with the right people - is a sure way to save time, relieve stress and be more productive. You might even save some [...]

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