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Jonas LaRance is Marketing Technology Director at ALPS where he manages website and other software development projects, and provides a liaison between IT and Marketing. Jonas has a background in graphic design, industrial design, and marketing. He was born and raised in Missoula, Montana but began his career in the digital special effects industry in Hollywood, California. Jonas has enjoyed working for ALPS for over 11 years, both in the ALPS Missoula and Richmond, Virginia offices. He now lives and works remotely from the tech hub of Seattle, Washington.

Is It Time To Redesign Your Law Firm’s Website? Here Are Some Things To Consider.

In the web design industry it’s often assumed companies redesign their websites every 2-3 years. As we know, technology evolves rapidly and so does graphic design, user interfaces, and marketing communication. In order to maintain credibility online it’s important not to fall too far behind the evolutionary curve. Stay up to date by taking time [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Note: The Stylus Strikes Back

Several years ago, I attended an ALPS CLE and noticed many attorneys using mobile devices with styluses. Now a mobile device is nearly required legal technology, and I wonder if some lawyers miss the stylus. For those who do, the stylus strikes back with Samsung’s new Android phablet (phone/tablet hybrid.) Yes, the large dimensions of [...]

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