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About Jeffrey H. Bunn

Jeff is a recently retired lawyer of almost 40 years and founder of The Mindful Law Coaching & Consulting Group. He is a former chair of the Chicago Bar Association (“CBA”) commercial litigation committee and the founder of the CBA Mindfulness and the Law committee. Jeff was also the initial vice-chair of the LAP-sponsored Illinois Task Force for Lawyer Well-Being, and has addressed numerous legal organizations about mindfulness and meditation for lawyers. He is also a regular meditator, trained in the Vipassana tradition.

Visitors Of The Mind

Thoughts. Feelings. Emotions. They're often compelling, and they're with us all day, every day. But they are actually only visitors. Granted, sometimes very powerful visitors, but they are visitors, nonetheless. I like to think of them the way I think of rainbows — seemingly very real, but if I change my perspective, they often disappear. [...]

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It's an acronym created by Michelle McDonald and popularized by Rick Hansen, Ph.D. in a 2014 article published by Psychology Today magazine. According to Hansen, "R.A.I.N. and related practices of spacious awareness are fundamental to mental health, and always worth doing in their own right. Additionally, sometimes they enable painful or challenging contents of mind to dissipate [...]

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The Beat Goes On

As an advocate of mindfulness and meditation programs in law firms, I have a somewhat different take on the lawyer well-being issue that has been championed by the American Bar Association (ABA), but we both agree that lawyer well-being is a timely and important concern. For the longest time (since at least 1980, when I [...]

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Meditation as a Tool for Inclusion

Inclusion is all about shared experience, and it's really important — especially in our law firms, our law schools, and our judiciary, where shared experience isn't given the thought or attention that it requires. Diversity and inclusion have been a focus of the American Bar Association as well as many professional organizations and leading thinkers in [...]

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Mindfulness And Meditation: Not A Call To Perfection, But A Call To Action

Before my recent retirement at the ripe old age of 65, I was a lawyer—a commercial litigator—practicing for almost 40 years. And I'm grateful, on a number of levels, for a number of things. One of the things I learned, however, is that the life of a lawyer is not perfect. Lately, I've come around [...]

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Hello, Hello, Hello: Is There Anybody In There?

As one of my favorite bands, Pink Floyd, once asked in a curious but compelling song ("Comfortably Numb"), "Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anybody home?". The importance of lawyer well-being has been championed by none other than the American Bar Association ("ABA")--the premier institution existing today to address and publicize issues [...]

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