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Should You Try Mediation Most Of The Time? Yes.

Disputes happen. Frankly, if disputes didn't happen, most lawyers (solo or otherwise) would be out of business. Whether you're in an active battle because a client didn't get paid or was (heaven forbid) injured, or are looking at a contract and determining the likely impact of certain clauses should a dispute arise, our lives as [...]

2016 Social Media 101 For Business

Did you know that there are over 523,000,000 active social media users worldwide? People are turning to social media not just to post photos and videos but also find amazing products and services that can actually make a positive difference to their lives. It could be anything ranging from video games to food supplements to [...]

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Droning On: Privacy In The Crosshairs

We’ve all seen drones in the past couple of years at parks and other open spaces. They’re revolutionizing film and documentary making with amazing aerial views. Crews working wildfires and floods are using them to survey damage and search for survivors. They’re fun for hobbyists and now a vital asset to rescuers. And if Amazon [...]

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Law Firm Cyber Insecurity – Fix It!

From the White House to Congress and from Wall Street to the mom and pop storefront on Main Street, the issue of cybersecurity is one that is here and here to stay. Hacking computers is no longer a “cottage industry” or something done by lone disgruntled individuals or teenagers in their parents’ basement. This is [...]

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ALPS 2016 Top Mobile Apps For Lawyers

Must have apps to start the New Year off productively Hello from ALPS. It’s our pleasure to present you with our annual survey of apps that will help make lawyers more productive and efficient in the age of mobile and digital. Some apps from our previous posts are included, but they have undoubtedly been updated [...]

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Does Your Business Need A BYOD Policy? Yes.

Businesses of today are finding it necessary to implement well-thought out BYOD policies. In this age of mobile devices and nearly instantaneous information gratification and communications, the notion of work productivity has greatly expanded. Unless you choose to shut down your personal mobile device when you take off from your workplace, you’re invariably going to [...]

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Going Agile: The New Trend In Marketing

Mindset, methodology, and nimbleness in driving revenue. The term agile brings to mind a triathlete; someone light on their feet, flexible, and quick. Years ago software developers began developing a methodology of programming based on this term to move processes along more quickly and effectively. Now having been introduced into the spectrum of marketing, agile [...]

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IBM’s Watson And The Future Of The Legal Profession

It won on Jeopardy!, is helping to revolutionize healthcare, and is learning human languages. How will Watson influence law? First, just what is IBM's Watson? Watson is not just one thing, but a series integrated systems that do what is called cognitive computing, that is simulating the self-learning human thought process using pattern recognition, data [...]

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I Don’t Want To Go On Twitter. It’s Stupid. It’s A Waste Of Time. Or Is It?

I haven’t written on this topic for a while as I’ve been on Twitter for 8 years and I have just started to assume everyone is on it and knows how to use it effectively. But then I saw these two interesting tweets from a colleague who wrote the following: “I have cleaned out my [...]