Attorneys often wear many hats for their clients. In this short video, Guest Blogger Karen Thalacker looks at an attorney’s role as a counselor. She focuses on three things to consider when wearing your counselor hat.


We answer to a variety of names.  Lawyer.  Attorney.  Advocate.  But there’s one name that sometimes gets overlooked — that name is counselor.

Here are 3 things for you to consider about what it means to be a counselor:

  1. You have a professional relationship with your clients but it can also be profoundly personal. Your clients look to you for advice and counsel at the worst times in their lives.  Being kind and firm will help you gain the trust and confidence of your client.
  2. As you advise your clients, avoid using technical legal jargon. Even the most educated or experienced clients may not be familiar with the legal terms we casually use.
  3. As a counselor, you are advising your clients. You are not dictating what your client should do.  You are helping them reach a decision that is right for them but it’s not your decision.

Most times you and your client will be in agreement about the next step in the case.  But on those occasions when your client is going against your advice, be sure to thoroughly document it for your file.

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