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Gender and Other Biases in the Legal Profession

The following is a guest post by Missoula, MT attorney Janel F. Chin.  As an attorney in my late thirties, I can assuredly say that I have personally experienced all of the four main patterns in [...]

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ALPS In Brief Podcast – Episode 26: Paving the Way. Examining Idaho’s Model for Required Malpractice Insurance

Last year, Idaho became the second state to require malpractice insurance for private practitioners — and the first to adopt an open-market model to serve their state bar members. How did year one go? ALPS [...]

By |December 6th, 2018|Categories: ALPS In Brief Podcast|0 Comments

The False Sense of Security that Comes with Redundant Calendaring Systems

In my experience, almost all lawyers have redundant calendars in place. Often there’s a primary master calendar and some sort of backup, which could be anything from a digital backup to a secretary’s paper calendar. [...]

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