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ALPS In Brief Podcast-Episode 1: A Cyber Breach – It’s Not If, It’s When.

ALPS In Brief, The ALPS Risk Management Podcast, is hosted by ALPS Risk Manager, Mark Bassingthwaighte. While in Missoula, Libby Benet, U.S. Lead for Beazley Product Solutions took the time to sit down with Mark to talk about the latest trends in cybercrime, including the rise of industrialized ransomware, and how prevention paired with protection [...]

Yes, I Know It’s a Pain. Do It Anyway

Last fall, I had one of those days. You know, a day where things just don’t go as planned. The day started out with a training session on ransomware. Unfortunately, as such programs are apt to do, it made me start to think that selling everything I have, disconnecting from the wired world, and moving [...]

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Data Security – It’s Time to Stop Making Excuses

The days when a lawyer could send an unencrypted email without worry, remain blissfully ignorant about encrypting a laptop, or use the same easily remembered password for all accounts and devices are over. I believe most lawyers know this, at least at a gut level; but far too many still seem to be confused about [...]

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When Passwords Fail – A Personal Story

Sometimes married couples see things differently and the only way to resolve the tension is by finally deciding to agree to disagree. That’s how things played out in our home for a number of years on the issue of passwords. My wife seemed to view my focus on computer security and passwords as something approaching [...]

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Presenting Electronically In Trial – Five Things To Think About

Last week I watched a trial.  Usually, I do this from the “hotseat,” running the electronic trial technology and presenting exhibits.  This time, I was there to be sure that the wireless network in the court room did not go down during trial.  [Lessons confirmed:  1 - Do not rely on the courthouse wireless network [...]

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How To Minimize The Risk Of Becoming A Victim Of Wire Fraud

If you aren’t already aware, attorneys are increasingly being targeted by scammers hoping to get away with wire fraud. Here’s just one example of how it can play. An attorney represents a seller in a real estate transaction. Unbeknownst to anyone involved, someone has hacked into and been monitoring the seller’s email for a period [...]

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Is It Time To Redesign Your Law Firm’s Website? Here Are Some Things To Consider.

In the web design industry it’s often assumed companies redesign their websites every 2-3 years. As we know, technology evolves rapidly and so does graphic design, user interfaces, and marketing communication. In order to maintain credibility online it’s important not to fall too far behind the evolutionary curve. Stay up to date by taking time [...]

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2016 Social Media 101 For Business

Did you know that there are over 523,000,000 active social media users worldwide? People are turning to social media not just to post photos and videos but also find amazing products and services that can actually make a positive difference to their lives. It could be anything ranging from video games to food supplements to [...]

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5 Easy Marketing Tips For Solo And Small Law Firms

As a solo or small firm practitioner, you have to be so much more than an attorney. In addition to being a bookkeeper, office manager, and human resources department you also have to be a business development representative and the entire marketing department. This blog post is to help you take a thoughtful and efficient [...]

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