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Should You Try Mediation Most Of The Time? Yes.

Disputes happen. Frankly, if disputes didn't happen, most lawyers (solo or otherwise) would be out of business. Whether you're in an active battle because a client didn't get paid or was (heaven forbid) injured, or are looking at a contract and determining the likely impact of certain clauses should a dispute arise, our lives as [...]

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Cell Phone Use And Car Accidents: Rights And Personal Injury Claims

The use of a mobile phone while driving is the cause of one in four accidents, according to 2014 National Safety Council data. Nearly five percent of the crashes involve drivers texting behind the wheel. Talking on the phone while driving has contributed to 21 percent of the car crashes. Distracted Driving: A Major Cause [...]

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Using Special Needs Trusts To Provide Ongoing Financial Support For A Loved One

For those who care for someone with special needs, it is likely that they are also in charge of managing their financial support as well. In such cases, these care providers are typically concerned about both current care management, as well as ongoing care and  financial well-being after the care giver is no longer there [...]

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10 Steps To Successful Mediation

In California, fewer than 5% of civil cases filed actually go to trial. Some actions are dismissed or terminated on motion, but most cases settle. Given this reality, you need to be ready for a successful mediation. Here are 10 steps to preparing your case for successful resolution through mediation: 1.     Time it right. What’s the [...]

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The Construction Lawyer As Mediator

Recently there has been much discussion about whether a construction attorney’s involvement  is actually a detriment to a construction project and its potentially litigious aftermath. I have spent a couple of posts at Construction Law Musings to discuss the benefits of hiring a construction attorney early in the project, and even later in the event [...]

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