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How To Manage The Risks Associated With Substantive Errors

The American Bar Association Standing Committee on Lawyers’ Professional Liability has been providing a statistical analysis of claims data collected from various lawyer-owned and commercial insurance companies for years. One number that I consistently pay attention to has been the number of claims that arise as a result of a substantive error. While this number [...]

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5 Easy Marketing Tips For Solo And Small Law Firms

As a solo or small firm practitioner, you have to be so much more than an attorney. In addition to being a bookkeeper, office manager, and human resources department you also have to be a business development representative and the entire marketing department. This blog post is to help you take a thoughtful and efficient [...]

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The Ashley Madison Hack And Its Lesson For Attorneys

I am going to assume that you, dear reader, had no personal information leaked as a result of the Ashley Madison hack. In addition, let’s set the curiosity response aside because, of course, who didn’t wonder that if they could look at the list would they recognize anyone? With worry and curiosity off the table, [...]

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Never Minimize The Significance Of Client Driven Indemnity Provisions!

I recently took yet another call from a lawyer wanting to know my thoughts about a new business opportunity. It’s the call that starts out with so and so company wants the lawyer to be their exclusive local point person and the lawyer so wants to say yes to this wonderful new opportunity. This type [...]

Going Agile: The New Trend In Marketing

Mindset, methodology, and nimbleness in driving revenue. The term agile brings to mind a triathlete; someone light on their feet, flexible, and quick. Years ago software developers began developing a methodology of programming based on this term to move processes along more quickly and effectively. Now having been introduced into the spectrum of marketing, agile [...]

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