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Why Declinations Really Do Need to Be Tracked

I’ve always been curious about why some attorneys never take the time to make sure that at least the name of every declined prospective client makes it into the firm’s conflict database. Perhaps there is a belief that since no attorney-client relationship was formed, no subsequent conflict could arise. Perhaps others believe that the risk [...]

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Try Not To Be A Patsy, Seriously.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve always had a fondness for the word patsy. While the word doesn’t seem to be in wide use anymore, I personally believe the time for its resurgence has arrived given its meaning. Think about it. A patsy is a person who is easily taken advantage of, especially by being [...]

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How To Identify The Potential Clients You Really Should Say No To

Everyone makes a bad decision now and again. Unfortunately, if the bad decision was agreeing to take on a client that you really should have said no to, life just got a little more complicated. In short, you have likely signed up “a problem client.” When this happens, some will recognize the bad call and [...]

Presenting Electronically In Trial – Five Things To Think About

Last week I watched a trial.  Usually, I do this from the “hotseat,” running the electronic trial technology and presenting exhibits.  This time, I was there to be sure that the wireless network in the court room did not go down during trial.  [Lessons confirmed:  1 - Do not rely on the courthouse wireless network [...]

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Don’t Minimize The Importance Of Managing Your Side Of the Attorney-Client Relationship

Over the years, numerous articles have been written on how to successfully manage attorney-client relationships. Typically, these articles emphasize effective and thorough communication skills, maintaining a professional presentation at all times and in all work spaces, learning all you can about your clients in order to anticipate additional legal needs they might have, taking the [...]

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If You Failed To Document It, It Never Happened.

Please, can we just acknowledge that lawyers as a group are terrible when it comes to properly and thoroughly documenting their files? Of course, not you, but all the other lawyers out there sure are. You wouldn’t believe how bad it can get. I say this because with almost every claim we handle we have [...]

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Yes, Virginia, There Really Are Accidental Clients

I will share that I can appreciate a well-crafted cocktail; but I can also assure you that when I am in a situation where such beverages are being served, I never allow myself to get involved in a conversation about someone else’s legal problems and I strongly encourage you to do the same. Let me share a short [...]

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When Nonprofit Boards Come Calling

Look, I get it. An opportunity to sit on the board of a local nonprofit is finally yours for the taking. Better yet, it’s a charitable cause you strongly believe in, the opportunity will allow you to get you name out there, and one would expect that the new contacts made will lead to new [...]

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How To Minimize The Risk Of Becoming A Victim Of Wire Fraud

If you aren’t already aware, attorneys are increasingly being targeted by scammers hoping to get away with wire fraud. Here’s just one example of how it can play. An attorney represents a seller in a real estate transaction. Unbeknownst to anyone involved, someone has hacked into and been monitoring the seller’s email for a period [...]

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Don’t Minimize The Value Of Client Intake Forms

Occasionally a lawyer will ask if there really is a need to use a standardized form during the intake process. As is often the case with such questions, the answer is “it depends.” A basic intake form that is general in nature may do little to improve your intake process. On the other hand, the [...]