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How Much Professional Liability Insurance Coverage Do I Really Need? Part II – Deciding What Policy Is Right For Your Firm

In Part I of my blog, I went through the issues you should consider when deciding how much insurance your firm needs. Part II will go over the features and benefits you should understand as you evaluate your existing insurance policy or shop for a new carrier. First and foremost, take advantage of your legal community [...]

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How Much Professional Liability Insurance Coverage Do I Really Need? Part I – Looking At Your Firm From A Claims Perspective

The practice of law has evolved dramatically over the last 25 years with the explosion of technology.  Technological advances have made the practice of law easier and increased its complexity. Society, firms, and attorneys are behaving radically differently. Associates rarely stay at a firm longer than a few years, requiring firms to install and manage [...]

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How To Best Fill Out A LPL Policy Application

Filling out applications for Lawyers’ Professional Liability Insurance is about as appetizing as eating that fruit cake your great Aunt Reitha sent you for Christmas. While well meaning, and a “good” source of fruit, for me at least, it’s never what I was hoping for. Regardless of fruit cakes, applications are a necessity. Below are [...]

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Never Minimize The Significance Of Client Driven Indemnity Provisions!

I recently took yet another call from a lawyer wanting to know my thoughts about a new business opportunity. It’s the call that starts out with so and so company wants the lawyer to be their exclusive local point person and the lawyer so wants to say yes to this wonderful new opportunity. This type [...]

Even Solo And Small Law Firms Are Vulnerable To Cyber Crime

Databases of many law firms house the financial information, intellectual property data and trade secrets of their clients, making rich targets for cyber criminals. In recognition of October being National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), this post seemed timely to share. Particularly with the recent meeting with President Barack Obama and China's President Xi, the [...]

Why You Should Never Say Never To Malpractice Insurance – The True Cost Of “Going Bare”

I will admit I honestly don’t understand why a lawyer would ever decide to not buy a malpractice policy; but many lawyers do just that and the reasons I hear are many. Some try to justify their decision by declaring that malpractice premiums are beyond affordable. They’ll tell me “just look at what Docs have [...]

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Washington State Bar Association Announces ALPS As Its Newly Endorsed Carrier For lawyers’ professional Liability Insurance

Monday March 9, 2015 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Washington State Bar Association announces ALPS as its newly endorsed carrier for lawyers' professional liability insurance Based on the company's understanding of bar associations, proven track record, financial stability, excellent policy coverages and proactive risk management practices, the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) announced ALPS as its [...]

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A Primer On Law Firm Cyber Liability Insurance

The digital age has brought many benefits, but also many dangers. Law firms of all sizes are not only vulnerable to cyber-attacks, but are very appealing targets for hackers. According to the American Bar Association, "The cost of a cyber attack can be substantial. The average annual cost of a cybercrime incident in 2012 was $8.9 [...]

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