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Since 1998, Mark Bassingthwaighte, Esq. has been a Risk Manager with ALPS, an attorney’s professional liability insurance carrier. In his tenure with the company, Mr. Bassingthwaighte has conducted over 1200 law firm risk management assessment visits, presented numerous continuing legal education seminars throughout the United States, and written extensively on risk management and technology. Mr. Bassingthwaighte is a member of the ABA and the Montana State Bar Association. He received his J.D. from Drake University Law School.

Why Declinations Really Do Need to Be Tracked

I’ve always been curious about why some attorneys never take the time to make sure that at least the name of every declined prospective client makes it into the firm’s conflict database. Perhaps there is a belief that since no attorney-client relationship was formed, no subsequent conflict could arise. Perhaps others believe that the risk [...]

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Yes, I Know It’s a Pain. Do It Anyway

Last fall, I had one of those days. You know, a day where things just don’t go as planned. The day started out with a training session on ransomware. Unfortunately, as such programs are apt to do, it made me start to think that selling everything I have, disconnecting from the wired world, and moving [...]

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Data Security – It’s Time to Stop Making Excuses

The days when a lawyer could send an unencrypted email without worry, remain blissfully ignorant about encrypting a laptop, or use the same easily remembered password for all accounts and devices are over. I believe most lawyers know this, at least at a gut level; but far too many still seem to be confused about [...]

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When Passwords Fail – A Personal Story

Sometimes married couples see things differently and the only way to resolve the tension is by finally deciding to agree to disagree. That’s how things played out in our home for a number of years on the issue of passwords. My wife seemed to view my focus on computer security and passwords as something approaching [...]

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Try Not To Be A Patsy, Seriously.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve always had a fondness for the word patsy. While the word doesn’t seem to be in wide use anymore, I personally believe the time for its resurgence has arrived given its meaning. Think about it. A patsy is a person who is easily taken advantage of, especially by being [...]

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How To Identify The Potential Clients You Really Should Say No To

Everyone makes a bad decision now and again. Unfortunately, if the bad decision was agreeing to take on a client that you really should have said no to, life just got a little more complicated. In short, you have likely signed up “a problem client.” When this happens, some will recognize the bad call and [...]

Don’t Minimize The Importance Of Managing Your Side Of the Attorney-Client Relationship

Over the years, numerous articles have been written on how to successfully manage attorney-client relationships. Typically, these articles emphasize effective and thorough communication skills, maintaining a professional presentation at all times and in all work spaces, learning all you can about your clients in order to anticipate additional legal needs they might have, taking the [...]

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Is The Death Of The Legal Profession Upon Us?

Over the years, I have witnessed a few vigorous debates where the point of contention was whether the practice of law is a business or a profession and, let me tell you, this can be an emotionally charged topic. Things can get really exciting if in one of these debates you have those who really [...]

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If You Failed To Document It, It Never Happened.

Please, can we just acknowledge that lawyers as a group are terrible when it comes to properly and thoroughly documenting their files? Of course, not you, but all the other lawyers out there sure are. You wouldn’t believe how bad it can get. I say this because with almost every claim we handle we have [...]

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Yes, Virginia, There Really Are Accidental Clients

I will share that I can appreciate a well-crafted cocktail; but I can also assure you that when I am in a situation where such beverages are being served, I never allow myself to get involved in a conversation about someone else’s legal problems and I strongly encourage you to do the same. Let me share a short [...]

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